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First Things To Do When Considering Opening A New Business
  • Think of the kind of Business you like you open
  • Who are your competitors
  • Is there a need for your service in this community(over load)
  • Who are your customers
  • Can they afford your services in that community
  • Who will be your supplier
  • Do you have a plan of attack
  • Can your business grow in that community and abroad
  • Will people support you in your Business( Friends and family)Local church Members
  • Is this a business they want in their Community Such as Night club ,Strip bars the like
  • We will never support an illegal Business (no exception)
  • Is my Business able to Make $500 per day Profit
  • You must do your own research ,We will test you on you theory (Must pass our scrutiny)
  • Must make since for that community( For example A name brand Clothing store $1000.00 dresses or $200.00 shoes store )
  • Then think of a name to call your Company
  • Get A LLC or DBA We will help in this process ,But not the funding
  • This is A 1 year process
  • You must began saving money on your own stop wasteful spending and do with out some things like fancy tires for your cars and name brand shoes and cloths jewelry etc……
  • You Must be 100% all in on your Idea
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